Asset management.

The market is shifting from task-oriented execution of maintenance to Asset Management. These changes are noticeable with both the client and the contractor. Specifications and projects change from task-oriented to performance-oriented. But even without specifications or a project, you could ask yourself whether you are not paying too much for management and/or maintenance. Do you have doubts whether the maintenance is carried out in accordance with the plan? Do you have to deal with high energy costs, many repair costs and repeated climate complaints? Then it is high time to have your building(s) properly inspected on all these aspects. By Vrancken Business Solutions B.V. for example. Our services in the field of Asset Management have already yielded our clients a great many benefits.

We come to your location to identify the (im)possibilities of issues or problems.

The following activities apply in particular:

  • Status assessments of existing construction and/or technical installations (baseline measurement /e.g with NEN2767).
  • Technical maintenance advice.
  • Energy scan and improvement proposals.
  • Drawing up a scenario with proposals for improvement.
  • Drawing up more years of maintenance and budget planning.
  • Technical purchase/rental/housing advice (due diligence).
  • Checking/assessing and managing maintenance contracts.
  • Requesting and assessing quotation(s).
  • Supervising the maintenance activities.
  • Checking/reinspection of the maintenance carried out
  • Testing of maintenance contracts.
  • (Real estate) management and consultancy services.



“With Asset Management we make your budget 100% effective”