There is an easy-to-understand method that we use for this, namely “The Natural Step” This method consists of four basic principles:

Do not release substances from the earth’s crust into the environment more excessively and faster than nature can process.

Do not release unnatural substances into the environment more excessively and faster than nature can process.

Do not break down nature faster than the time it takes to recover.

Do not do things that limit people in fulfilling their fundamental needs.

Energy saving does not start with the installation and generation of energy by installing solar panels and wind turbines. First of all, it is wise to investigate whether it is not better to ensure that the energy can be kept inside or outside the building, for example by better insulation or losing less by working with CO2-controlled ventilation or heat exchangers. Considering whether the installed heat/cold generation still fits with the (partial) use of the building each time can lead to a smaller installation being chosen, which can also lead to cost savings.

In addition, if desired, we investigate the possible use of sustainable materials and circular raw materials, so that we do not use more raw materials than our earth can process in the time that we borrow them. Choices such as circularly produced raw materials like recycled roofing or stones.

Our advice is based on reducing the consumption of fossil raw materials, which ensures that we keep the CO2 balance of a building under control. By using wood or line stone, for example, CO2 can be stored in the building. However, the maintenance of this must be kept under control. This, in turn, can be done by using the right materials and detailing so that operating costs can be kept low. In the end, it comes down to finding the right balance.

In short, if you would like to know more or perhaps want to save on energy or maintenance costs, please feel free to contact Vrancken Business Solutions so that our sustainability advisors can provide advice tailored to your needs and budget.