Maintenance & Management

Anyone who owns or manages property and/or installations wishes to keep this in optimum condition. However, determining the right condition level is often not easy. Which condition ensures the desired (noticeable) result? Determining the necessary maintenance work in order to achieve or secure the desired condition level is the next main breakthrough. Which maintenance activities are necessary or unnecessary?

Vrancken Business Solutions B.V. will be happy to support you with the maintenance methods that best suit your needs. To this end, we take into account your personal, sometimes strategic, wishes and budgetary possibilities. We then determine the maintenance scope at component level. If desired, we will carry out the market consultation and advise you in choosing the best suitable maintenance party from the large market offer.

You can also rely on us for managing this party, both at the start as well as during the contractual maintenance period. Our care goes even further. It is also possible to outsource the entire process from determining requirements to condition monitoring and guaranteed condition maintenance to Vrancken Business Solutions B.V. By combining this with building/installation optimization and energy reduction, management is in optima forma. Daily work for us, and one less worry for you.

Management and maintenance are of great importance for the preservation of value (for the owner) and the proper functioning and performance of the building, including its installations (for the tenant). Building managers and owners are usually unaware of the risk they take if there is no, or poor management and maintenance.

If the elements are maintained, the communication between the maintenance company, also called technical service provider, and the client often turns out not to be optimal. This often leads to inefficient use of resources, methods and people. Effective and sustainable management and maintenance is then hard to find.

Specifications and quotations for maintenance contracts can be unclear to the client if certain specifications are lacking and the terms used are not clearly and unambiguously worded. Quotations are often technically formulated and drawn up from the perspective of the technical service provider. As a result, the client often does not know where to assess quotations for management and maintenance. The quotations of various parties are usually difficult to compare with each other.

Clients increasingly want to enter into (long-term) maintenance contracts in which it is clear who does what and what the client gets for their money. The conclusion of performance contracts (which is also understood to mean this) also plays an important role nowadays.

Relevant questions when entering into a maintenance contract are:

  1. What are the risks for the business operations for you as a client?
  2. What does the client get if he goes into business with a maintenance company?
  3. What is not covered by the contract?
  4. What type of contract should you use?
  5. Does the contract meet all legal requirements?
  6. How should the execution of a specific maintenance contract be managed?


Many clients are not aware of the role they should be playing.

The information and knowledge that is built up during the maintenance of the installations must be properly recorded. This information is later relevant to you with regard to:

  • Controlling the management and planning of maintenance.
  • Reporting to the management of the client.
  • Transferring knowledge and information when changing maintenance companies.

The ideal situation is that the maintenance contract clearly formulates what the agreed performance requirements are, what can be expected from each other and what the mutually (dis)binding conditions are for both parties.

Vrancken Business Solutions B.V. is happy to assist you with this.


“Providing maintenance advice is specialist customization”