Feasibility Study, Calculation and Cost Calculations

Determining the real costs of a project in advance is not possible without a thorough feasibility study. We list a number of technical alternatives for you so that you can make your choice based on quality and cost price more easily. Cost management is a discipline in itself within construction & installation technology. Fluctuating market prices, new construction trends and changing legislation make it difficult to make costs transparent.

Vrancken Business Solutions B.V. budgets, calculates, monitors and tests the lifecycle costs for each phase of your object. From orientation, design and construction to operation and renovation. In short, throughout the entire lifespan of your property.


In order to be able to calculate effectively, market knowledge and a lot of experience is required. Both are united at Vrancken Business Solution B.V. This enables us to draw up budgets from the very first sketches in order to refine them during the subsequent project phases.

In addition to estimating, budgeting and calculating our projects, we can also offer support for calculating cost prices of specifications from third parties.

Lifetime costs

In new construction and renovation projects, operating costs play an increasingly important role in addition to investment costs. Already during the design process, the focus is increasingly on the total costs (investments + exploitation during the total lifespan) of projects. Not surprisingly, because the investment costs are often surpassed by the operating costs during the life span. These operating costs are mainly determined by the choice of concept during the design process.


“We take care of all activities that are necessary for producing a competitive and qualitatively responsible registration”